City of Rijeka

Rijeka is the centre of the Croatian North Adriatic Region, with an urban area of 44 km² and 128,384 citizens.

City of Rijeka, as a local government, in its self-governing scope, performs activities of local importance which directly meet the needs of citizens. These are jobs related to the arrangement of settlements and housing, spatial and urban planning, communal economy, child care, social care, primary health care, education, culture, physical culture and sports, consumer protection, protection and improvement of the natural environment., fire and civil protection, traffic in its area, maintenance of public roads, issuance of construction and location permits and the implementation of spatial planning documents and other activities in accordance with special laws.

Role in the project

The intention of the City of Rijeka is to participate in all joint project activities, with special emphasis on activities that will be implemented in Rijeka and are related to the improvement of existing and the creation of new innovative urban policies. Main goals towards food system transformation are to improve existing activities and create a new strategic planning context to connect several actors and systematically solve problems in two areas: (1) Nutrition, in kindergarten and schools; (2) Reduction and revalorization of food loss and waste, in a circular economy approach in all steps of the food system, including redistribution of surplus food to avoid waste.


Suzana Belošević