San Sebastian
San Sebastian is internationally renown for its gastronomic excellence, welcoming a large number of visitors each year with the consequent impact on the city’s economy.

The agri-food sector of the city and its urban environment takes on particular relevance. The city council is focusing on the analysis and implementation of the food strategy.

Photo collage of San Sebastián and its agri-food environment. Credit: Campaña 2000, S.L

Main objectives and planned implementations

  • Promote sustainable and healthy diets to fights against malnutrition and obesity, and food security.
  • Mitigate climate change through its environmentally sustainable food system. Promote responsible use of natural resources, local production and short distribution circuits.
  • Promote innovation and empowerment of communities to create an economically and environmentally sustainable food system.
  • Promote circularity and resource efficiency in food systems.
  • Reduction of lost and wasted food identifying new business models.

Local partners

  • San Sebastian City Council (FSS)
  • Eroski
  • Environment Department (LTP)
Wave in San Sebastian Donostia, Spain. Credit: IStock by Getty Images

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