EROSKI’s Easo supermarket in Donostia hosted a session aimed at educating and promoting healthy eating habits and lifestyle choices among schools, with a particular focus on young children. The objective was to provide practical information, engage the children through interactive activities, and empower them to make healthier choices.


As part of FUSILLI actions aimed at educating consumers, EROSKI has developed an educational program to foster healthy diets and lifestyle among children.


The session on the 17th of May began with a warm welcome and an icebreaker activity to foster a positive and engaging atmosphere. The children, aged 8-9, were accompanied by their teacher, arriving by bus. The event was organized after the school was approached by the foundation of EROSKI.

The EROSKI team presented an overview, emphasizing the significance of healthy eating and lifestyle habits for overall well-being. They also highlighted the benefits of healthy food choices, such as improved physical health, increased energy levels, and enhanced cognitive function. The discussion included key components of a balanced diet, such as the importance of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, and healthy fats, as well as the significance of portion sizes, food groups, and consuming a variety of foods.

The children were actively involved in interactive activities designed to encourage them to make healthier food choices and engage in physical activities.

One thing that worked particularly well with the children was the use of games to introduce ideas on a healthy diet. These activities made learning enjoyable and memorable for the children.

At the end, a discussion was stimulated for the children to think about challenges in healthy eating. The children were taught practical steps, emphasizing the importance of involving their family, setting realistic goals, and seeking support of the people around them.

To conclude the session, the children were encouraged to create an action plan to implement healthy changes in their families or schools. The significance of ongoing support, motivation, and role modeling was emphasized, as these factors play a vital role in sustaining healthy habits. The session provided a valuable platform for the children to gain knowledge, participate in interactive learning experiences, and foster a commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles.


Author: Marion Villacampa, EROSKI

Photo: dharmafactory