Nilufer is a district of metropolitan city Bursa which is with 2.9 m inhabitants, the 4th largest city of Turkey and located in the north western part of the country. Bursa is also the 4th largest industrial centre in the country with about 10% of exports; specializing in automotive/textiles/machine tools/ household white goods clusters. Nilufer district is also one of the newest and rapidly developing parts of the city of Bursa. With a population of approximately 500.000 inhabitants, it stands for modern city planning, extensive social and cultural infrastructure and distinguished municipal services, Nilufer presents a portfolio of exemplary works and facilities. Nilufer is divided into 64 neighbourhoods and consists of two parts: one urban, modern and dynamic and a rural one, possessing a rich cultural heritage, extending from prehistoric settlements, ancient towns, Byzantine castles and Ottoman-time villages.

Five of the largest organized industrial zones of Bursa are located within the district thus in addition, the largest district in economic value. Because of the fertility of Nilufer plain, Nilufer has been settled since Bronze Age and has also sustained agricultural production. The most important sectors within the district are textile, automotive, machine, spare parts and related industry products. Uludağ University is also located in Nilufer district which has grown into a network consisting of 10 faculties, 2 high schools, 1 school at undergraduate level, 15 vocational schools, 1 conservatory, 3 institutes, 18 research centres and 5 departments under Rectorate.

Agriculture Nilufer City. Photo by Nilufer Municipality

Main objectives and planned implementations

  • Food System Planning Strategy that will be developed and implemented within the boundaries of local government centred on citizens and food related organizations.
  • Various technical, social and policy innovations will be carried out to build a holistic food ecosystem in long term.
  • Access to healthy and nutritious food for all as a food security strategy will be carried out especially in the disadvantaged neighbourhoods.
  • Nilufer Food Lab will be created by all food ecosystem actors such as civil society, producers, market actors, academicians, and local authorities in collaboration with urban planners via participatory implementations.
  • Build shorter food supply chains and strengthen small scale agricultural enterprises and farmers with innovative business models of sustainable food planning strategy.
Urban Nilufer City. Photo by Nilufer Municipality
Nilufer City Celebration. Photo by Nilufer Municipality

Main partners

Further local partners

  • Nilufer Agricultural Development Cooperative (NILKOOP)
  • Ecologic Life Association (EKODER)
  • Bursa Producer Farmers Union (BUKBIR)
  • Urunlu Woman Association
Aktopraklık Arheological Site. Photo by Nilufer Municipality


Gülşah AYZİT

Strategy Department Manager

Nilufer Municipality