EU Project Reports

EU Project Reports:

Public Deliverables

EU-funded research and innovation projects include that a major part of the documents presenting the projects’ strategies and outcomes is shared with the public. This page lists all public documents (so-called “deliverables”) that have been submitted to the European Commission thus far.
Please note that not all deliverables have been approved by the EU yet. Non-approved deliverables are marked as DRAFT versions.

WP 1 – Network of FOOD2030 Living Labs

D1.1 Inventory of the best practices and experiences of living labs in other cities

D1.2 Guidelines for the identification and involvement of city food systems actors

D1.3 Manual Governance Strategy Handbook (DRAFT)

D1.4 Manual for Responsible Innovation Self-Assessment (RISA)

D1.5 Living Lab road maps (from each of the 12 cities) (DRAFT)

D1.7 Operational Roadmap of Network of FOOD2030 Living Labs

D1.9 Evaluation Framework (DRAFT)

WP 2 – Food Policies and Practices Identification – Knowledge Community

D2.1 Report with 5 In-Depth Case Studies and Employed Strategies

D2.2 Online Knowledge Platform

WP 3 – Long Term Urban Food Participatory Planning Towards Food System Transformation

D3.1 Roadmap, Timeline, Schedule of Workshops and Role of Stakeholders in Planning Process (DRAFT)

D3.2 Urban Food Policy Report (DRAFT)

D3.3 Urban Food Action Plan (DRAFT)

D3.4 Urban food plan for strengthening urban-rural linkages (DRAFT)

D3.5 Report on implementation of actions commissioning (DRAFT)

D3.6 ICT tool for supporting evaluation processes (DRAFT)

D3.8 ICT tool for behavioural change (DRAFT)

WP 4 – Investment infrastructure package for early deployment and replicability​

D4.1 Innovative Business Plan Scheme and Business Model Canvas (Draft)

WP 5 – Cooperation with other Projects & Networks

D5.1 Inventorying the Networking Group

D5.6 Results on Clustering with Other EU Projects - Intermediary Version

D5.7 Results on Clustering with other EU projects (Draft)

WP 6 – Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of Results

D6.1 Dissemination & Communication Strategy - Updated (Draft)

D6.4 Exploitation Strategy

D6.6 Technology Watch and Market Analysis (DRAFT)

D6.8 IP Management Report - Intermediate Version

D6.9 Project Website

WP7 – Coordination

D7.1 Kick-off Meeting Minutes

D7.2 Data Management Plan