DAEM- City of Athens IT Company

ΔΑΕΜ- Εταιρεία Πληροφορικής Δήμου Αθηναίων

DAEM S.A. is the oldest and most significant Local Government IT Company, as it has been operating since 1983, aimed at providing Cloud based multiplatform e-Governance to local government, public administration and other authorities and organisations. The development and promotion of new innovative services, which are fundamental to the smart and sustainable city idea, lies at the hearnode of DAEM’s interest and is a strategic objective at the city level.

DAEM constitutes one of the most solid links in the chain of implementation and support of two-way communication nodes with citizens, residents, and visitors of Athens. At the same time, it significantly contributes to the digital convergence of the operational standards of the City of Athens with those of other European Municipalities. The specialised EU Projects Sector of DAEM contributes to the introduction of innovative tools and solutions, as it maintains excellent experience and background in R&D activities in diverse domains, such as eGovernance, cultural heritage, social inclusion, eParticipation etc.

Role in the project

In FUSILLI DAEM will contribute to the design, preparation and creation of the Living Lab in Athens and to the identification of policies and practices on the food sector, as one of the 12 pilot cities, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens. Utilising their technical profile, DAEM will also contribute to ICT requirements specification, and the evaluation process and activities on the Athens Living Lab.

Indicative activities of the Athens Living Lab include education of children with intervention in municipal schools, mapping existing cooperations to develop food networks, organisation of events and campaigns targeting healthy nutrition and raising awareness on public health and well-being, use of an educational app in schools, food festivals, catalogues of local producers, reduction of food waste for citizens and businesses and development of a Food Policy Council.


Elena Avatangelou

(+30) 214 4062700

Dimitra Tsakanika

(+30) 214 4062700