Demir Energy

Demir Enerji is a consulting company (SME) located in Istanbul, Turkey, with expertise in sustainability, climate change policy, climate change management, urban responses to climate change, renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies and policy, smart cities and communities. Demir Enerji provides high quality consultancy services to international and national public and private entities including policy makers, local authorities, multinational and national corporations, industrial organizations, building companies, investors, NGO’s and energy consumers.

Demir Enerji has developed extensive experience on two major areas of interest: 1) city level strategy development on sustainable energy and climate actions (such as SECAP) and, 2) managing and supervising of large-scale EU funded projects including H2020. Demir Enerji is involved in 7 large scale H2020 demonstration projects representing a total funded budget over 120 M€ (Smart City and Communities; Cultural & Natural Heritage; Nature Based Solutions) with responsibilities ranging from demo site leadership to work package leadership. Its involvement in H2020 projects has provided the foundations of a comprehensive understanding on how to efficiently navigate complex challenges within multi-national and multi-structure environments.

Role in the project

Demir Enerji is Leader of Work Package 5 (WP5) “Cooperation with Other Projects & Network” and task leader of European Network of FOOD 2030 LIVING LAB (T1.4) in WP1, Definition of Policies related to food system at local level (T3.2) and Generation of a Policy Guideline & Recommendations (T3.8) in WP3. Demir Enerji has a role in ensuring the collaboration and maximizing the exchange of FUSILLI with the very large number of European and global scale activities in this area in form of projects, social movements, platforms and initiatives, utilizing the PROJECT’s living lab network in participating cities and the communities of knowledge structures that will be developed. Demir Enerji ensures coordination between local FUSILLI partners and supports Nilufer Municipality.


Gonca Akgül
+90 545 337 4853