EcoFellows Ltd.

Ekokumppanit Oy

EcoFellows Ltd. (Ekokumppanit Oy) is a non-profit company which provides information, counseling, training and expert services in the Tampere region, and promotes a sustainable lifestyle and business. Our customers are both on the municipal sector, companies and consumers.

EcoFellows offers solutions to the challenges of sustainable development – services, events, campaigns and projects. We implement versatile, sustainable services in an environmentally and human-oriented manner.

Role in the project

EcoFellows’ role in FUSILLI project is to develop concepts of urban micro-farming, educational materials and ICT tools needed for the concepts. Our target market is citizens, neighbourhoods, NGO’s, public organisations, e.g. schools and kindergartens. We analyse good practices, work in cooperation with other projects and networks, raise awareness, organise events and campaigns for consumers and disseminate the results especially to the consumers.


Sanna Teinilä