Mirafiori Community Foundation (FCM)

Fondazione della Comunità di Mirafiori

Mirafiori Community Foundation was established in 2008 and is based in South Mirafiori, a post-industrial district in Turin (Italy). It offers a variety of programs and interventions – large and small – to cope with the needs of the local community and to enhance the quality of life in the South Mirafiori neighbourhood. It supports different areas of interest such as children and families, young people, elderly people, education, civic engagement, economic development, culture, environment, social inclusion and solidarity, urban regeneration. It works with citizens, informal groups, associations, voluntary organizations, schools and universities, churches, private companies, donors, health and social care services as well as city administration. It provides community leadership, inspires local giving, manages innovative projects, awards funds to small, local and community organizations, promotes fundraising campaigns and events. It also manages Casa nel Parco, in the eight Neighbourhood Houses of the City of Turin.

Role in the project

Mirafiori Community Foundation will implement:

  • a Food Hub aimed at improving the local system of surplus food collection, redistribution and utilization for social initiatives and solidarity and at increasing citizen’s awareness of food policies and food urban system.
  • a Food Lab aimed at designing a circular restaurant at Casa nel Parco, at creating a range of local products and its distribution and marketing strategy and at designing a trademark for local food products.


Roberta Molinar