Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (SEZ)

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum (SEZ) is an independent economic entity within the Steinbeis Foundation. It was founded in March 1990 as the operational unit of the Commissioner for Europe of Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Economics. SEZ’s core activity is to promote European Research and Technology Development programmes and to support cross-border technology transfer.

SEZ supports small and medium-sized enterprises on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing of Baden-Württemberg. At the same time, it supports Universities of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg.

Moreover, SEZ is involved in several EU-funded projects (more than 70 in 2019) as either partner or coordinator, taking over tasks related to dissemination, communication, exploitation or financial and administrative project management.

SEZ’s services include:

  • Information regarding European research programmes and other EU funding possibilities
  • International partner search for partners in transnational projects and technology transfer
  • Support in transnational technology transfer
  • International conferences and information days concerning European research and innovation programmes
  • Dissemination, communication, exploitation and project management as active partners in EU-funded projects.

Role in the project

SEZ is project partner and leader of work package 6 Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of Results. In this context, SEZ is responsible for

  • Design strategic communication of the project objectives and actions and engagement strategy to achieve optimal visibility activities increasing awareness, engagement, acceptance and fostering uptake of the FUSILLI results, facilitating knowledge transfer and sustainability at Europeans and local level.
  • Design the D&C tools needed to initiate and implement the strategy. Establishment of activities to the community and dissemination strategy.
  • Clarification the exploitable results and their use (commercial, scientific or other) including IPR management (such as ownership, access rights, knowledge protection.
  • Joint actions with other projects to use synergies and to enable a broad impact.


Lucia Hörner

Project Manager and main contact for Exploitation

Dr. Alparslan Akkus

Project Manager and main contact for Communication & Dissemination