Ville de Differdange

Differdange (Luxembourgish: Déifferdeng) is a town and municipality in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It belongs to the canton of Esch-sur-Alzette and is located in the south of Luxembourg in the border triangle with Belgium and France. With almost 28,000 inhabitants Differdange is the third largest city in the country. The municipality is proud of its multiculturalism – over 110 nationalities make up more than 50 percent of the population.

Differdange is a former industrial town that was home to much of Luxembourg’s steel production. While it remains an industrial center today, the city has established itself in new areas such as the creative industries (1535° Creative Hub), higher education (LUNEX) and modern sports institutions (Sportfabrick).

Role in the project

The city management actively participates in the development of the city of Differdange. Its main task is to make the centers of the localities and their shops more dynamic. The department is therefore the main contact point for shopkeepers and the link between them and the college of aldermen. The city management also aims to stimulate the economic activity in general and the participation of citizens in the development of the city.