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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

At the the VU University Amsterdam, the Athena Institute focuses on science and technology developments that are specifically – but not exclusively – related to health and life sciences. Specific domains of research are: neuro sciences, ecogenomics, mental health, maternal health, sustainability sciences, health sciences, global health and biotechnology. A strength of the Athena Institute is that it does not only focus on the analysis of problems and innovations, but also methodologies for knowledge integration (reflection and learning) are developed. This knowledge and expertise is rather unique in the academic world.

Role in the project

In the four years of the FUSILLI project, the VU team is working to establish an international knowledge community on cities’ transitions towards sustainable, just and healthy food systems. Working closely with and learning from the twelve cities participating in the FUSILLI project, we aim to uncover the most pressing challenges and questions. Firstly, this helps us to identify and investigate examples of urban food system strategies, policies, and actions that best connect to cities’ learning needs. Secondly, through interviews and workshops we facilitate a reflexive learning process for the FUSILLI cities.


Barbara Regeer
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