WINGS ICT Solutions

WINGS ICT Solutions is an SME that is focused on the development of solutions (both software and hardware) for various vertical sectors. Solutions for four sets of vertical sectors are provided: (1) environment; (2) networks and infrastructures; (3) production and manufacturing; (4) service sectors. Currently, regarding the environment, the primary focus is on air quality, through the product AIRWINGS, as well as on aspects related to security/safety. The networks and infrastructures area comprises solutions for: (a) utilities, i.e., energy, water, gas, through the product ARTEMIS; (b) transportation systems, i.e., the product WINGSPARK, for optimizing parking, as well as further systems for managing logistics, maritime, railways, and connected mobility; (c) construction, and, especially, digital twins for infrastructure elements and buildings. The production and manufacturing area comprises solutions for: (a) optimizing aquaculture, through the product AQUAWINGS; (b) addressing food safety, from scanning to blockchain to analytics, through the platform AGNES. The service sectors area comprises solutions for health, through the platform STARLIT, security/defense and the government.

The technology foundation comprises advanced wireless (4G/5G/B5G/WiFi), IoT, cloud and big data platforms, AI, orchestration and diagnostics, AR/VR. WINGS is proud to have cooperated from the beginning with world-class companies, in Greece, the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. A series of cooperations with the US has been established, while activities for strengthening the footprints in the Middle East and in Africa are taking place.

Role in the project

The main role of WINGS in FUSILLI is to provide digital technologies and innovation for fostering the Urban Food System Transformation. More specifically, WINGS will design, develop and validate in FUSILLI Living Labs the following innovations:

  • Knowledge platform on integrated urban food governance: Online platform, by coupling the learning questions to best practices and strategies to realize integrated urban food governance. This comprises an advanced search engine, in which the user types keywords of questions/challenges and the platform returns relevant results (and relevant documentation).
  • Gamification for behavioural change: Social game via a mobile application to foster the behavioural change, e.g. towards healthy sustainable diets and nutrition, responsible production and consumption in citizens.
  • Benchmarking tool for food system transformation: ICT platform and dashboard to monitor and evaluate a) the compliance of the current status of the city with existing policies, as well as new defined targets, b) the development and adoption of any transformative solution, like an identity card for the city in terms of being an agent of food system transformation.


Panagiotis Vlacheas