Work Package 7



WP 7, which is led by CARTIF Technology Centre, is responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of all FUSILLI project activities among the partners, to monitor quality and timing of the project results and to carry out the overall administrative and financial management of the project. CARTIF in collaboration with FUSILLI partners will manage the new knowledge generated by the project and ensure the implementation of all planned activities. Relevant data management and open access to publications are also part of these activities.


CARTIF will manage the overall legal and contractual management of contract between the partners and with the European Commission. CARTIF will also manage the financial, legal and administrative part. CARTIF organized the FUSILLI kick of meeting and will collaborate in the periodic meetings organised by different partners. In addition, the coordinator will monitor the quality of the project activities and the work progress of the project with the collaboration of all FUSILLI`s partners, including knowledge management, innovation related activities, data management and open access.


Belén Blanco Espeso
+34 983546 504