Work Package 4

Investment infrastructure package for early deployment and replicability


This work package will develop solutions enabling investments through new business models, investments schemes and innovative uses of public funds. The aim is to foster early deployment and replication of actions associated with the policies defined as food urban planning in each city.


  • We will formulate customised business plans and develop suitable business models for each use case. An innovative structure for the business plan and for the business model will be drafted in order to take into account the different demo cities background and needs. The task will create a library of emerging business cases and models.
  • Then, we will provide financial assistance in the form of tailored funding schemes propositions, such as the crowdfunding schemes.
  • The cities will be guided in the realisation of a strategy that will enable the cities to demonstrate their capabilities and robustness of the projects.
  • Finally, this task will support the local start-ups with a format for a pre-commercial procurement process. The aim of the task is to stimulate the local ecosystem and involve local stakeholders providing them with competitive incentives.

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