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Rijeka is a city with a turbulent history which has developed into a unique, multinational, multi-religious and multicultural city.

City of Rijeka is the third largest city in Croatia with the population of 128,624 inhabitants. It is located on Kvarner Bay, an inlet of the Adriatic Sea and situated on an area of 44 km². Rijeka is an industrial, administrative, cultural and university centre of the region which serves about 400,000 inhabitants.

Rijeka is the central place of cultural events in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, and with the title of European Capital of Culture it became national and the European Cultural Center in 2020, the European Capital of Culture emphasising on openness and inclusiveness and encouraging diversity as a key generator for the further development of the city. Rijeka is also a university city and an educational center in western Croatia with a social infrastructure that provides conditions for quality education and forms the foundations of quality social life and a prosperous standard of living.

Main objectives and planned implementations

  • Main goals towards food system transformation: To improve existing activities and create a new strategic planning context to connect several actors and systematically solve problems in two areas: (1) Nutrition in kindergarten and schools; (2) Reduction and revalorisation of food loss and waste, in a circular economy approach in all steps of the food system, including redistribution of surplus food to avoid waste.
  • Implementation will be linked to two facts: responsibility for implementation and already existing bases for implementation (improvement, enlargement and innovation).
  • Nutrition in schools and kindergartens (the City is the founder) in which, besides nutrition, education, workshops and living labs for children related to healthy diets will be provided.
  • In the field of circularity work will be done to improve and expand activities in the area of waste management and waste separation related to food.
  • Promotion of healthy living habits and environmental responsibilities.
  • Defining of the Urban Food Plan.
  • Knowledge sharing and learning.

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Suzana Belošević

Mayor’s senior adviser

City of Rijeka