17-19 October 2022Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The city of Rio de Janeiro has been selected by the MUFPP Steering Committee to host the 8th MUFPP Global Forum that will take place in 2022. The theme of the event will be:

“From Agenda 21 to Rio+30 Cities: Food Systems at the core of the Sustainable Development Agenda”

The agri-food system is responsible for 21-37% of global GHG global emissions as well as being a major driver of land degradation, unprecedented biodiversity loss, and water, air, and soil pollution due to the massive use of synthetic fertilizers. The food-climate nexus is evident: in order to tackle the climate emergency, we must urgently transform the dominant way we produce, transport, eat and dispose of food worldwide. In this dynamic, cities are crucial actors as they are major drivers for cultural, social and economic changes and they can design and implement policies quickly affecting millions of people worldwide.

The Forum will be an excellent opportunity to (re)connect, exchange experiences, challenges, knowledge, and best practices, to inspire and get inspired with the shared goal of fixing our urban food systems while addressing the climate emergency.

At this first Global Forum held in the American Continent, all 223 MUFPP Cities will gather during Rio +30 Cities Conference to enhance the role of food systems in reducing inequalities and promoting climate justice.