26 October 2023Brussels, Belgium

EIT Food’s 2023 flagship conference will be the last before institutional change at European level in 2024. It provides a unique opportunity for the largest food community in the world to inspire lawmakers, by sharing evidence-based insights, business cases, and concrete recommendations on how, together, we can make change happen to transform our food systems. With its extensive track record of infusing innovation in the ecosystem, accelerating its take up and adoption from farmers to consumers, and providing frequent unique feedback to decision makers, the EIT Food Partnership can once again help shape the more sustainable, resilient and transparent system we need. 

By the time the conference happens, European lawmakers will be shaping the future framework for sustainable food systems, the EU strategy on protein diversification, while also working on soil health, packaging / labelling, consumer information, financial instruments, etc.  At a time when the EU’s best in class stance may be challenged, when the transition and costs attached may be questioned, the EIT Food conference provides the perfect opportunity to shape the future of our food.