2-3 June 2023Maribo, Denmark

Madens Folkemøde sets the stage for the conversation about our food culture and food systems.

On 2-3 June, the Madens Folkemøde will once again take place at the beautiful Engestofte Estate,  providing the setting for an open, democratic and ambitious conversation about how Denmark will become a better and more sustainable food country.

In 2022, 10,000 guests visited Madens Folkemøde, which offered debates, talks, conversations, workshops, tastings, campfire food, dinners, picnics and a large food market with over 70 quality producers. In total, the program featured more than 150 features.

Registrations for the stage program and food market are open!

All of Denmark’s people’s meeting about food

Madens Folkemøde is a popular and professional people’s meeting about what is on our plates and the way we produce it. Over two days, we gather the whole of food denmark to share knowledge, opinions and food joy.

Through a wide range of debates, workshops, show kitchens, tastings and conversations, we dive into the wonderful world of food and learn more about our food: what it is, what it should be, where it comes from and how we should eat in the future.

Madens Folkemøde embraces the whole of Food Denmark and creates the framework for conversations across the food chain. The purpose is to create new insights and perspectives both on each other and on our food systems – and engage us all in the conversation about where we are going as a food country.

Madens Folkemøde is planned and held in collaboration with Food Organisation of Denmark.