3-4 May 2023Amsterdam, Netherlands
This food and sustainability business conference will highlight the practical steps key actors can take to build more sustainable, resilient and regenerative food systems. We’ll bring together leading brands with the right stakeholders to identify the main areas of opportunity and innovation within the food and beverage industry.

Climate action

How business can drive effective climate action throughout agricultural supply chains and reduce environmental impact in line with net zero targets

Regenerative agriculture

How to define, measure and scale regenerative practices and the realities on-the-ground of the shift from ‘less harm’ to ‘more good’

Supply chain risk and resilience

How food and drinks brands can work with farmers and key actors to mitigate supply chain risk and adapt to the effects of climate change

Farming, land-use and nature

Cross commodity insights into the on-farm technologies and practices that can boost crop performance, enhance biodiversity, improve soil health and drive sustainable food production