Fondazione Mirafiori recently hosted a transformative 2-day workshop focused on sustainable food for 15 low-income and vulnerable families residing in urban areas.

Conducted by academic researchers from the University of Turin and the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, this workshop took place at the heart of the community, Casa nel Parco, a Neighborhood House in the Mirafiori district.

The main objective of the sessions was on raising knowledge and awareness concerning sustainable and healthy food choices, to benefit both people and the environment. 

Participants actively engaged in meaningful discussions about their dietary and eating habits, while resolving any misconceptions, doubts, and fake news the participants have heard of and sharing valuable information. They delved into strategies and planning for adopting a sustainable approach to food, even when facing financial constraints to buy healthy and inclusive food.

To support their journey towards healthier and more inclusive eating, each participant received a box of nourishing food essentials, generously provided by Nova Coop, a consumer cooperative, as part of the IMPATTO project.

Fondazione Mirafiori’s commitment to empowering families with the knowledge and resources for sustainable food practices illustrates the dedication to their community’s well-being.

 Check out pictures from the workshop below!


Author and pictures: Silvia Lombardi, Mirafiori Community Foundation onlus press office