As Nilüfer Municipality, we declared 2021 as the Year of Food and with the FUSILLI project that will last for four years, we have now started to transform our urban food system. With the 6th Seed Exchange Festival, we are taking baby steps for the FUSILLI project and for the Year of Food. This festival, which contributes to a sustainable life in Nilüfer, becomes more widespread every year. Awareness is spreading all over our city and even the entire country. The festival stands for exemplary cooperation with a lot of labour, sweat and most importantly, with great love towards local and sustainable agriculture. Today, we are fulfilling our debt to the future, albeit partially. The 6th Seed Exchange Festival aims to spread and preserve local seeds and to improve seed diversity in the Nilüfer Seed Library.

The 6th Seed Exchange Festival in Numbers:

  • The distribution of 500 seed packages of 35 varieties was carried out at the Seed Exchange Festival on 09.04.2021 and later in the Nilüfer City Gardens.
  • During the Seed Exchange Festival, distribution was made to approximately 2,000 people. Seed distribution was realised with the support of the Youth Assembly and the Rural Area Working Group from Nilüfer Municipality City Council, Nilüfer Municipality Continuous Education Centre and EKODER. After the Seed Exchange Festival, distributions were made to approximately 1.000 people.

Nilufer Seed Exchange Festival (Credits: Nilufer)


Municipalities Participating in the Seed Exchange Festival:

  • Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality
  • Eskişehir Tepebaşı Municipality
  • Bursa Gemlik Municipality
  • Istanbul Beylikdüzü Municipality
  • Izmir Selcuk Municipality

Nilufer Seed Exchange Festival Poster (Credits: Nilufer)

Associations and Communities Participating in the Seed Exchange Festival:

  • Nilüfer City Council
  • Nilüfer City Council Youth Assembly
  • Nilüfer City Council Rural Area Working Group
  • EKODER (Ecologic Life Association)
  • Bursa Seed Foundation
  • Uludağ University Habitat Student Community
  • Blue Warehouse
  • NILKOOP (Nilüfer Agricultural Development Cooperative)

Nilufer Seed Exchange Festival (Credits: Nilufer)

Nilufer Seed Exchange Festival (Credits: Nilufer)

The Seed Exchange Festival will come back next year on April for its 7th edition. Join us to exchange the seeds that you grow!