A good marketing campaign can be an incredible boost to a product’s popularity. We all know the campaigns of ultra-processed foods but have we ever seen campaigns on the food that grows in our gardens? Our team in Castelo Branco does exactly that! At the end of January 2022, the kicked off a new tradition: the Food Product of the Month. Every month in every year of FUSILLI, they will promote a new product. The rules are simple: the product has to be of local or seasonal origin. Guess what the first product of the month was? It’s an all-time favourite – the orange!

The circular campaign included picking the fruit from the trees, developing new products, presenting them to the community and re-using the waste.

Picking the fruit

The team picked the oranges for the campaign at the local Quinta do Chinco (“Chinco farm”) community gardens of Castelo Branco.

Developing new products

At the CATAA Pilot Units, the magic began. The team produced three exciting products: orange flour that can be used to flavor cakes or pancakes throughout the year, crispy and healthy snacks with dehydrated orange and orange compote to sweeten our days. To learn more about the product, they also produced a flyer with orange-related curiosities, health properties and recipes.

At the municipal market

The final products were offered to the public at the municipal market.

Re-using the waste

The organic waste of the products – the orange skin – was sent back to the Quinta do Chinco community gardens for composting and helping feed the soil.

Credits for images: Mário Cristóvão- CATAA, Ana Salavessa- CMCB, Inês Brandão- CATAA