In Differdange, the implementation of the FUSILLI project is at full speed. In the last months, the city has mobilized multiple departments to create the Kondel Lab—a dedicated spot for local organic food production and education, catering to childcare services, youth centers, and citizens.

The Kondel Lab and its Educational Mission:

Pedagogical Garden and Workshops

At the heart of the Kondel Lab lies Differdange’s first-ever public educational garden—a space designed to cultivate knowledge and inspire young citizens to embrace organic gardening practices. Starting from May 2024, the Kondel Lab is currently offering gardening workshops called ‘’From Seed to Plate’’. The activity was designed by the city’s lead gardener and teachers in order to empower children with information about vegetables production. The workshops are open to kids from all seven childcare centers of the city, and will reach more than 100 children throughout Summer 2023.

Children planting seeds
Child sowing seeds

First group of kids at the Kondel Lab Pedagogical Garden


Expanding Local and Organic Vegetable Production

One of the primary objectives of the Kondel Lab is to expand the city’s public production of local and organic vegetables. Since only a very small share of organic vegetables consumed in the country are produced locally, there is a need to foster public-funded production initiatives. Differdange aims to increase its organic vegetable production by 100% in the next two years, converting an unexploited plot of land into a new organic site. This expansion will contribute mainly to school’s kitchens and social supermarkets, making a difference for children and underprivileged households.

Kondel Lab's upcoming organic site

Kondel Lab’s upcoming organic site


Sabrina Zumbo: A Driving Force in Differdange’s Organic Food Production

Sabrina Zumbo, a dedicated organic gardener, joined Differdange’s as a civil servant in 2021 after years of freelance work. With the implementation of the FUSILLI project and the creation of the Kondel Lab, Sabrina foresees a positive impact on her work. She expects these initiatives to provide greater visibility to the public organic production of the city and its educational potential. Additionally, Sabrina looks forward to the improved resources and gardening personnel available, enabling a more efficiently work method. Through FUSILLI and the Kondel Lab, Sabrina is poised to continue playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices in the city’s organic food production efforts. 

Sabrina Zumbo at the Kondel Lab main organic production site

Sabrina Zumbo at the Kondel Lab main organic production site

 The creation of the Kondel Lab exemplifies the city’s dedication to implement FUSILLI’s objectives. By establishing a hub for organic food production and education, Differdange is taking significant steps towards building a more environmentally conscious and self-reliant community. As the Kondel Lab opens its doors to children, the city is getting closer to offering all its residents the chance to learn about healthy eating and gardening.



Author: Diego Fallah, FUSILLI Project Manager, Differdange

Photos: Differdange Living Lab