The Living Lab school garden activities are starting in Castelo Branco. Children are taking care of their plants and at the same time learn about healthy food in a playful way. The organisers as well as the children are very happy with the new educational garden and the representatives of the kindergarten are describing the activites and the approach as followed:

”We are aware that we cannot change the entire planet, but we can and want to positively impact our surroundings. With the aim of promoting sustainable lifestyles, healthy eating, exploring life cycle of plants, and privileging contact with nature, the children from the kindergarten Associação Jardim de Infância Dr. Alfredo Mota in Castelo Branco, got their hands dirty in the garden. They built an educational garden on the farm belonging to the institution, as well as developed various activities related to plant growth. The children are taking care of the garden regularly. By being able to enjoy the food they sowed and planted, they are motivated to reflect on healthy eating, while perceiving much better the importance of nature and the need for respect, care and preservation.”

Pictures: Children of the the kindergarten Associação Jardim de Infância Dr. Alfredo Mota in Castelo Branco are looking after the plants in their garden. Credits: City of Castelo Branco.

And this is just one of the various garden activities, taking place in Castelo Branco. Only in social garden Quinta do Chinco,  three informative and attractive events were organised:

  • Activity ‘A Natureza nas suas mãos!’ (‘Nature in your hands!’) 

July 8, 2021. The activity entitled ‘Nature in your hands’ was aimed at 6 children from the Early Intervention Team of Castelo Branco, accompanied by their parents, grandparents and Educators, to celebrate the end of the school year, based on ‘Play in the Kitchen’ (pick vegetables in the garden, prepare them, cook them and enjoy the soup).

  • Autumn Workshop – Strengthening the Immune System II Edition

October 16, 2021. Cycle of 4 kitchen workshops, accompanying the year seasons, with the preparation of dishes with seasonal ingredientes. This time was the workshop dedicated to AUTUMN: use of ingredients in the kitchen (pumpkin, spinach, persimmon, lemon), which prevent diseases and strengthen the immune system. It quickly sold out. 12 participants were enjoying this interesting workshop.

  • Activity ‘Vamos à Horta’ (‘Let’s go to the vegetable garden’)

13-14, 20-21, October 27, 2021. Raising awareness for the preservation of the environment through organic farming: harvesting, by 1st year students of Basic Education (6-7 year-old children), 1 class per day with 25 students, of “seasonal products”, in the gardens of Quinta do Chinco, which they prepared, and cooked. Finally they tasted the prepared soup and juice.

Children enjoying the garden activities in Castel Branco. Credits: City of Castel Branco