Feeding Cities – a transdisciplinary conference on sustainable urban food systems.

Amidst social, environmental, and economic pressures on food systems worldwide, cities increasingly take up a crucial and leading role in food system transformations. Cities can play an important role in leading the way towards sustainable solutions. The objective of this conference is to bring together practitioners and stakeholders involved in the food supply chain in city-regions to establish a common research agenda.

The conference program comprises a diverse range of events such as keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, and panel discussions that aim to enhance collaboration between practitioners, such as those working in municipalities and researchers in academic settings and beyond.

Day 1,

attendees will hear from keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Jacqueline Broerse, who is an expert in the field the governance of or health system transformation. Workshops will also be held on this day that will address systemic challenges faced by the food system. She has an array of experience in food related EU Projects such as CLEVERFOOD, FoodCLIC, and FIT4FOOD which contribute towards

  • sustainable and more responsible European food systems,
  • the availability of sustainably  produced food,
  • or strengthening the networks of food system transformation projects. 

Day 2

of the conference features FUSILLI’s Hungry for Exchange Webinar #2 which will be facilitated by Barbara Regeer. The webinar aims to provide a platform for open discussions on various issues related to the food system.


Open call for coaching in peer-to-peer feedback sessions  

Do you need help with your city's food transformation journey ?

Could you use some help in a peer-to-peer coaching and feedback session ?

Conference participants can share a challenge they face for advice, help, or comments from others. The conference includes workshops on three themes related to urban food system transformation, followed by peer-led coaching sessions on Day 2. Participants will be split into breakout rooms with 5-10 participants each, with one presenter sharing their challenge. The space is meant to be one for open discussion as the group brainstorms and offers ideas. The conference aims to set a common research agenda for city-region practitioners involved in food chains.