On the 26th and 27th of November 2021 the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) launched a FoodLab (https://koldingfood2030.dk) in Kolding. The FoodLab is a kitchen, a living lab, and shared exhibition space, in a community building on the edge of the old town. For the opening, SDU planned two separate events.  On the 26th of November, key stakeholders of the food system in Jutland were invited to a round table discussion on the Food System Transformation where they openly shared their thoughts and concerns about the food system. Also, as part of the opening event the stakeholders were invited to taste food waste data through surplus food rescued by a local NGO called FoodReFormers – the data was represented through food. The food served as an inspiration for them to speak about the problem of food waste in Kolding.

At the FoodLab on 27th of November 2021, SDU organised their launch for the border community of Kolding. The day included: making a home for pollinators and a mini forest by planting wildflowers and trees in the garden of the Foodlab. The citizens had the opportunity to take with them some wildflowers to create more homes for pollinators around the city. The opening also included two workshops. One on Sustainable Food Packaging and another on Gardening in small places and Mental health.