… and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable food system?

On Wednesday 28th of September, the FUSILLI project was presented to the ECOWEEK audience in Oslo at Etterstad upper secondary school during the event: ” How to prepare a school meal for 100 students in 5 minutes and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable food system ? ” by Matvalget NGO.

At Etterstad upper secondary school, FUSILLI-coordinator Line Tveiten will present the FUSILLI project and also try to answer the questions: ‘How can public consumption change today’s food system and tomorrow’s consumer trends ?’, and ‘How can we develop sustainable value chains for food in cities ?’ The audience included high level food system stakeholders; from policy makers, to government agencies, NGOs, research institutions, Farmers Association, and whole sale distribution .



ECOWEEK is organized in Norway every year in week 39, and has spread to large parts of the country since it started in 2011. The week facilitates increased understanding and awareness among consumers and in the value chain, and works for a closer bond between production and market through debates, courses and seminars, network meetings, farm markets and lectures.

It is organized by local coordinators who work to create arenas and events that bring together projects and initiatives, seminars, courses and knowledge dissemination organized by central players who work with organic agriculture, food production and food culture. ECOWEEK functions as a gathering point for work, interest and commitment to organic and biodynamic agriculture, food processing, sales and consumption.


📃The Oslo ECOWEEK program [in Norwegian]


Author: Line Tveiten, Municipality of Oslo