On Sunday 31 October, at Orti Generali,  third party of Turin in FUSILLI project, based in Strada Castello di Mirafiori, 35/18, was inviting to an afternoon of laboratories organised by several different territorial actors operating in Mirafiori Sud area.

From 3 pm to 4 pm,  a Halloween pumpkin carving lab and a Halloween biscuits cooking lab, with a special recipe elaborated by Lucia Bioletti, expert dietitian and biologist from ASLTO3, Piedmont Region Prevention District, Service of Food safety standards and human nutrition, who was also having a speech about healthy nutrition.

From 3 pm to 6 pm, students from ENGIM San Luca Turin institute, were decorating participants kids with face paints  with Halloween motives.

After the activities, all visitors were invited to a public picnic with freshly baked biscuits apple juice.

This event was organised by Orti Generali, within the FUSILLI project, to develop a more sustainable and conscious consumption of food and to set up a food community.

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Halloween in Turin. Credits. Orti Generali