Donostia/San Sebastián held its 2021 Local Product Day, organised by Fomento de San Sebastián on 5 and 6 November, with a large marquee on the city’s Boulevard, and almost 30 stalls selling vegetables, dairy produce, fruit, beverages, preserves etc., all locally produced.  This initiative seeks to draw the attention on local food and agriculture production, and bring the products to end consumers in an attractive atmosphere.

The fair was the scenario for the ‘Commitment to local produce’ awards acknowledging the dedication and hard work of the hospitality sector, retailers and hotels in Donostia with respect to local produce. The establishments which took the prizes, awarded by the Department of Economic Promotion and Fomento de San Sebastián’s Food and Agriculture Sector, “Guztiona”, were as follows: Restaurante Kostera in the hospitality category, Hotel Lasala Plaza, in the hotel category, and Elkano 1 Gaztagune, in the retailer category. The prizes were awarded on the criteria of utilisation of local products, either for consumption or for sale.

The day was rounded off with other initiatives featuring various producers, associations, markets, businesses, schools etc. to turn the event into a showcase for a sector which has become strategic for San Sebastián. The presence of local products was perceived in San Martín market, where a visit and activities were aimed at children at the Axular Lizeoa school. The canteens of some ten schools in the city also served up menus composed exclusively of local products through the Askora company, with visits by producers explaining the lifestyle behind their activity, and making a recipe with local produce along with the pupils.

Another Local Product Day initiative enlisted the collaboration of a number of the city’s hotels, which served up breakfasts with local produce: Catalonia Hotel&Resorts, Hotel Lasala Plaza, Hotel Rural Sagarlore, Silken Amara Plaza and Hotel Zinema 7, for their hotel guests and also for non-hotel guests who had booked breakfast.