In October the Department of Economic Promotion organised a third Local Produce Market in the Altza district, through Fomento de San Sebastián. On this occasion, the market had 13 stands for local producers. The products on sale, among others, were organic vegetables, greens, fruit, sweets, bread, preserves, cheese, jam, yoghurts, duck produce, honey etc. made by agro-entrepreneurs from Altza and also local producers in Donostialdea and the surrounding area.

The Altza district’s Market is an activity forming part of the Donostia Urban Lur agro-enterprise project launched by Fomento de San Sebastián. A project which began in 2021 and which aims to boost agrofood enterprise among the people of Donostia. It provides proper training, land and infrastructures for growing crops, and also advises on establishment of the business and online and in situ sale of products.

Large numbers of people go to inspect and buy produce at the stalls, which on previous occasions ran out of stock to sell, to the satisfaction of local producers, who are increasingly gaining adepts seeking sustainable, responsible and above all local “Kilometre Zero” consumption. The city’s focus and support for these agrofood businesses are solid, and these kinds of markets help sell and showcase their produce.

San Sebastian Local Azoka

 Another “Local Azoka” or local produce market was also organised in San Sebastián in November, by the Department of Economic Promotion, through Fomento San Sebastián, alongside retail and hospitality Associations, in order to boost local trade and catering. This is a solid attempt to showcase our retailers and caterers and our producers, displaying their quality products and giving them the chance of some active marketing. The event featured txakoli wine and cider tasting sessions, with two show cooking sessions by one of the city’s leading chefs. 1,300 vouchers were distributed with a 4-euro discount for purchases of 8 euros or more, to be used at the Local Azoka stands. 200 4-euro vouchers were also given out to visitors at the show cooking marquee, to be exchanged on the day at catering outlets. In parallel to Local Azoka, a number of activities were also arranged in connection with local produce at one of the city’s main markets, which was also visited in the course of the morning by students interested in the market and its facilities.

These activities contribute to San Sebastian’s objectives within FUSILLI: to increase the demand and supply of sustainable and healthy local production, as well as, generating a local culture linked to healthy and sustainable diets. This corresponds well to some of the Innovation Actions that San Sebastian intends to carry out throughout the project, focusing on the food system stages of production and at the consumer stage


Author: Ruth Jorge, FUSILLI Project Manager San Sebastian

Photos: Fomento San Sebastian