On September 30th and October 1st 2023 the 7th Annual Vegan Life Festival took place in Technopolis – City of Athens cultural hub. Approximately 40.000 persons attended the event to get acquainted with vegan nutrition, products and lifestyle. In this setting, the Municipality of Athens and DAEM set up a kiosk and introduced FUSILLI to visitors in order to raise awareness and disseminate information on sustainable food systems.

The FUSILLI team and municipal functionaries, informed the visitors and exhibitors about the actions Athens is implementing. We have communicated a number of practices, such as the “Nutrition and Health” program, the management of organic food waste, social food services providing for food security to vulnerable groups, and the vegetable gardens that the municipal nurseries organisation has created in the nurseries. Furthermore, we have discussed the potential for a participatory governance with interested visitors.

FUSILLI Athens Team stand at the festival

Displays and communication material at the stand

 In parallel we have conducted a small scale research through a digital questionnaire. The questionnaire inquired into visitors knowledge about healthy nutrition, food safety issues and the environmental impact of food. Moreover, a section was dedicated on residents proposals regarding actions on food sustainability. This small scale research was rather successful and we received quite an amount of interest and responses! 

It is worth noting that most of the visitors expressed interest in the expansion of organic waste bins placement in all neighbourhoods of the city and the need for educational activities and training concerning food system sustainability.

FUSILLI is presently designing further sustainable food information days, which will take place in the forthcoming months.

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Athens Team photo


Author & Photos: Elissabet Bargianni, FUSILLI Coordinator Athens Living Lab