We launched an action to gather feedback and ideas from the citizens of Differdange. We sent them a postcard, which was featured in the monthly magazine of the city. Next to the postcard, the magazine also included an article dedicated to FUSILLI, which was a great opportunity to explain the project to the citizens of Differdange. On top of that, the backside of the magazine was fully dedicated to FUSILLI and it asked the citizens to participate in the postcard action.

With the postcard, we want the citizens to send us their ideas. The citizens could return their answers online or bring the postcard to the cultural centre. Here the citizens received a little thank you: a package of seeds for either basil, edible flowers, or coriander. Of course, the persons filling out the postcard online could also pick up their package of seeds.

The citizens of Differdange could select about which themes they would like to receive more information. They could choose between the following themes:

  • Food growing (fruits and vegetables)
  • Healthy eating
  • Food security
  • Supporting the local food economy
  • Reducing food waste

Next to the distribution of the magazine and the possibility to give answers digitally, we also went out on the local market to talk immediately with the citizens. The favourite way for the citizens to give feedback was digitally, followed by the market. We boosted the digital feedback by a post on the Facebook of the city. And one citizen even gave us a call to discuss her ideas and to tell how happy she was that the city was involved in such a project.

The graph below shows the selection of the citizens on which topic they would like to receive more information. The majority are interested in supporting the local food economy and reducing food waste. Others were almost equally interested in food security, healthy eating, and food growing.


Furthermore, a small selection of the ideas of citizens:

  • Community garden.
  • To plant more fruit trees.
  • The preparation of dishes with a low/lower energy consumption.
  • Workshops on planting and maintenance of plants.

The input of the citizens will be used to determine what type of workshops should be held and as well to serve as input for the Food Council.


Credits for images: City of Differdange & TNT ASBL