The Torino Food Metrics Report, now in its third edition, delves into the analysis of the urban food system and its evolutions through a series of indicators that refer to the different aspects that make up local food policies: from accessibility to healthy and quality food quality through programs to support public municipal markets, the promotion of sustainable diets and the accessibility of healthy food to vulnerable sections of the population through school canteen and collective catering services, the fight against food waste, and so on.

Read Turin's Third Food Metric Report

In this latest edition, thanks to an incremental analysis process guided by the Food Atlas, the Report has been enriched with new indicators and thematic sections, for a total of 111 indicators and 10 thematic sections, to which a territorial in-depth study relating to the Mirafiori Sud district, the testing area of the FUSILLI project identified for the implementation of the city’s FOOD 2030 Living Lab, has been added for the first time.

The Report was presented at City Hall during the fourth “Food Tuesdays” meeting, a monthly appointment promoted by the Food Atlas of Turin. The public presentation was followed by a round table discussion dedicated to exploring topics, indicators and solutions helpful to strengthen the tool with the contribution of local actors.

Besides valid support for the GIPA’s activities – the Interdepartmental Working Group on Food Policies within the administration established thanks to the FUSILLI project, the annual update of the TFMR will allow measuring the progressive progress towards achieving the objectives defined in the Guide for a Food Policy for the City of Turin, approved in December 2023.

In this light, the Torino Food Metrics Report represents a snapshot of the Turin’s food system which acts as a strategic tool to support local policies and decision-making processes, as well as a valuable collection of useful data for further research and monitoring of the food system over time. A tool of the city … for the city.

Photos: Snapshots from the presentation of the report at ‘Food Tuesdays’ at the City Hall

 Author and photo credits: Paola Baravelle, FUSILLI Torino