On 19 September, University of Southern Denmark (SDU) organised a Walk & Talk event in the Agtrup State Forest with a diverse range stakeholders: the director of the local art and design museum (Trapholt.dk), permaculture experts, chefs, educators, professional foragers, botanists from the botanic gardens and more.

This was the first activity towards setting up a forest library living lab. The herb library is envisioned as a non-conventional, growing, library-in-the-land; a cultural venue which aims to help the citizens of Kolding  as well as other visitors to gain knowledge about eatable plants that grow locally in nature. The event was dedicated to the questions: What can be mindfully foraged from forest, field and fjord? How to connect to, respect, engage and grow with nature?  The organisers are aiming at sharing knowledge through exchange between humans and nature, in a creative and playful way

Walk and Talk Event in Kolding’s nature. Credits: SDU