Time has flown by, and we’re more than half way through the project! 

So what’s happened in the last 6 months of FUSILLI?

Our partners in Tampere have been going ahead in full momentum!  Our Project Manager from TAMK, Mikael Lindell, opens our editorial with a message on planetary boundaries and educating students as future professionals. This leads to the interactive talks on the Planetary Diet held at TAMK along with a reflection of what they’ve achieved through FUSILLI. San Sebastian hosted local ‘Zero-Km’ Markets while Rome hosts a Round Table on EU Food Projects and Turin reinvents the pizza to be more ‘circular’.  In the meantime, Rijeka combines social action with food system transformation through an event engaging the topics of homelessness and circularity through food redistribution. 

Last but not least dont miss the latest updates from Kolding and Kharkiv! Reflections from our last periodic meeting in Kolding and the great illustration of the food system that Kolding produced. Despite the conditions, Kharkiv does its best in improving supporting elderly citizens through food with their growing kits.

…And so much more!


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