Athens is committed to becoming a carbon-neutral city by 2050. Through initiatives like educational programs, greenhouse gas reduction, and food festivals promoting sustainable consumption, the Athens FUSILLI team is already actively transforming the local food system. But the project partners are not finished yet and with their goal in mind, new actions are constantly being implemented.

On June 10, the Athens FUSILLI team initiated a new action for the advancement of sustainable diets using traditional and innovative recipes with local, organic and nutritious products. Through the cooperation with Municipal Clinics program “Your Health is our Priority” we have introduced an experimental workshop connecting healthy diets with cooking and tasting relevant meals that were cooked by two chefs with the engagement of participants.  

The target was to offer to the participants practical tools so they can lead a sustainable and healthy diet and control their weight. Learning how to prepare nutritious, tasty and cool food, and how to lead a healthy dietary regimen for a hot season in Athens was a main function of the event. Practice was guided by some food for thought on the meaning of sustainable and planetary diets, the “one-health approach”, and dialogue on social, political and economic factors affecting our nutrition. Since a sustainable diet requires access to good food, the issues of food deserts and increasing prices were inevitably discussed. The ensuing dialogue led to the idea that consumers need to act collectively in order to create new market practices that can provide the option of sustainable diets in the long term.  

We plan our collective kitchen practice to support further activities in the near future. Stay tuned. 

Picture: Participants receive information about healthy nutrition.

Picture: Chef prepares sustainable meals with participation from workshop attendees.

Picture: The prepared meals pass the taste test.


Authors: Elissavet Bargianni, Giorgos Keranis