During June 12 to 17, FUSILLI Athens Team moved on to the creation of a small communal garden in the City of Athens Home for the Elderly in Ampelokipoi area. The garden was created in cooperation with the staff and board of directors of the Home for the Elderly, and it was celebrated by the mayor of Athens Mr. Harris Doukas on June 17.

The vegetable garden consists of eight raised beds for vegetable cultivation and four working tables for seeds preparation and seedlings. Sito network for seed saving has participated through the offer of seeds and plants. Fusilli collective kitchen has also supported the creation of the garden within the past week by preparing traditional meals and snacks for the residents of the Home, during the preparation and planting days. Around 20 residents have participated in the process, under the guidance of two experienced horticulturalists.

In parallel, the Home for the Elderly has planted 15 citrus (oranges and lemons) and 10 almond trees, while the regeneration of a 4.000 square meter olive grove is being discussed as a result of the action.

The Home for the Elderly hosts 160 elderly women and men, and is located in an area of  80.000 m2 out of which at least 5.000 m2 can be used for farming purposes.

The residents show their green thumbs and experience by planting a variety of plants.

Author: Elissavet Bargianni, Giorgios Keranis

Photo credits: City of Athens