To promote sustainable food practices and engage communities in a fun way, the FUSILLI project is launching a mobile application – the FUSILLI Social Game. Developed by WINGS and in collaboration with  a diverse consortium of partners spanning academia, industry and civil society, this mobile application offers a unique gaming experience designed to empower individuals to make meaningful contributions to food system transformation.

The FUSILLI Social Game is an engaging gameplay platform designed to educate and inspire action on food systems and sustainability issues. The sustainability trivia encourages learning and in its final version, will reflect lessons learned from the FUSILLI Living Labs. Through its exciting questions, the Social Game aspires to inspires players to create real-world change through virtual engagement.

What makes this game unique is its foreseen interaction with the Knowledge Community Platform (KCP), the heart of FUSILLI’s knowledge sharing initiative. While currently still in its first version, the game’s content, such as the questions about the impact of actions taken, will be seamlessly integrated into the KCP, creating a holistic and interactive ecosystem for players to take on their sustainable food journey.

Our Knowledge Community  Platform will also be launched soon – check back soon! 

Participants are expected to learn about healthy and sustainable diets as well as responsible production and consumption. The gamification principles incorporated, including ranking results in the Leaderboard tab, adds an exciting dimension, allowing individuals or teams to be recognized for their dedication to food system transformation.

The FUSILLI project team invites individuals of all ages and backgrounds to join this exciting journey. Download the FUSILLI Social Game from Google Play and become a catalyst for positive change in our global food landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and achievements as we gamify sustainability for a better future.


Author: WINGS, FUSILLI Project Team