Work Package 5

Cooperation with Other Projects & Networks


WP 5, led by Demir Enerji, aims to ensure collaboration and to maximise exchange of FUSILLI with the large number of European and global scale activities in this area in the form of projects, social movements, platforms and initiatives. Our aim is to create opportunities for the FUSILLI cities to meet and exchange with the various food related initiatives and to exchange learning experience, especially with those associated with FOOD2030 priority areas from all over the world. Besides European good practices, this WP will bring good practices from non-European countries that are currently dealing with food challenges and develop innovative solutions in FOOD2030 priority areas. Global understanding approaches and solutions that will be resulting from exchanges in this WP will feed into policy guidelines and recommendations that will be generated in WP 3 and will also leverage innovative business models in WP 4.


WP5 has four main tasks. First, we will focus on building ground for the networking group that will include leading international organisations and networks, social movements, citizens’ organisations to support networking as well as coaching activities of Living Labs of FUSILLI. Another clustering activity is focused on projects in the same call and previous food calls and other EU scale and national scale projects and activities. Overall, a close-knit information and knowledge sharing process is favoured.

Once Food 2030 Living Labs are established and activity maps as well as Knowledge Communities are formed, specific initiatives out of the cooperation and networking groups will be identified and one-to-one exchanges with Living Labs will take place on selected topics. We will support world experience coaching and learning exchange by identified networks. FUSILLI will develop the Food System Enterprise Network (FSEN) for the sharing of solutions in pillar topics of FOOD2030, targeting essentially agriculture and food sector SME’s that will be able to share their commercial or not-yet-commercial services/products/solutions with the food lab network of FUSILLI.

Demir Enerji